The answer is clear and well argued.

Because we are the domestic company that:

  • servicing its devices
  • provides complete technical support and education to its customers

Most night vision producers and distributors do not focus so much on customer education, quality and service like we do at LUNA SMART, which we consider to be our primary task.


Beside working on the development and production of night vision devices, we also try to integrate knowledge of concept of hunting and the most appropriate solutions for the necessary devices, which will give you great pleasure and experience of real hunting.


One general note- Night optics for hunting distinguish from similar devices for military applications. It is professional equipment of high performance for using in extreme day and night conditions, so the features are more demanding and the price of these devices is higher.


LUNA SMART is also producer of night optics for military purposes with years of experience in this field, so our offer of hunting devices is a compromise between good enough features of the devices needed for this application and hunting concept that each hunter experiences.


Our biggest support is the service that we offer to our customers during the after-sale period.