By purchasing LUNA SMART products, you are purchasing a full range of services that will give you many successful years of working with our devices.

In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, LUNA SMART provides:


For Night Vision Devices:

  • 24 month Warranty on mechanics and optics and
  • 12 month Warranty for Image Intensifiers Tube

For Thermal Imaging Devices:

  • 24 month full device Warranty and
  • 12 month Battery Guarantee – Asio TH N2

Every day our professional team of experts is ready to help our customers with the selection or any questions concerning LUNA SMART devices.


Service duration max. 30 days.

Your device will be repaired within 30 days of receiving the Complaint. If it is determined that the defect can not be eliminated, we will provide you a new one.


Warranty and post warranty service

Our care of your device does not end with the warranty period. Even after the warranty period expires, our experts are available every working day from 7am to 3pm.